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Negotiation Example Essay

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Part 1: Intro
I was really hoping for a better negotiation to use as an example for this paper but none stick out as much as my first and only brand new car buying experience. I had negotiated with my husband at the time for months on what kind of car we should buy. I had fallen in love with the new body style of Toyota Celica that came out in 2000. My husband wasn’t so sure. So we looked at Mustangs, Acuras, Eclipses, etc. The Mustang we ruled out because it wasn’t the same if you couldn’t get a Salleen or Rousch package and they were just too expensive. The Eclipse interior was lacking in creature comforts and the Acura was just too boring for me. We finally went to test drive a ...view middle of the document...

So one night after work – I believe it was Halloween actually – we went to the local dealership. Or course it didn’t take long to get a salesperson’s attention. He started through his usual pitch when I stopped him. “Look we already know what we want so let’s talk about price.” So he moved us to a table. It wasn’t long before it became clear he barely knew the dealership even sold Celicas much less anything about their options or price. This was Charlotte, North Carolina not Colorado – little sporty cars were pretty popular and there was always a fully optioned Celica right out in front of the dealership so I was surprised by how little he knew about them. Nevertheless we treaded forward. He of course starts with the list price and I countered with the price I had from my credit union. Since this dealership did price matching at the time he almost seemed relieved that this might go so quickly, however his manager did not agree. Since they were different shades of blue they were not perfectly equivalent so they could not honor the price. Crap, so much for in and out. They did however counteroffer at about $1500 over my price which was still much less than sticker, the catch was that this car would have upholstery instead of leather. Now there was plenty that I would compromise on but leather was not one of those so I pushed back. We settled this with a 50/50 cost split for aftermarket leather to be put on after the dealership got the car (it was at another dealership about 20 miles away). By this time I was actually feeling pretty good with the deal, but it was now 8:30pm I have blood sugar issues and I hadn’t had more than the peanuts they offer you since noon. I was done and just in time for the real battle – the finance guy. Since we hadn’t planned on buying a car that day until the ride home we didn’t have financing so it was off to an office to talk plans. He puts out a nice sheet of what we would be paying per month (there was a $314/month at the top that was the actual price we had negotiated just moments ago but he never mentioned it and did his best to hide it with his hand while pointing out the $325, $340, and $365 per month at the bottom. Since I was beyond tired I decided it was time for my husband to pull his weight in this deal (up until now I had done most of the talking). My husband is looking at the $350/month deal. I kindly remind him that modifications void the warranty and I have no intention of leaving it stock so why buy an extended warranty. Now we are down to $340/month. The highlight of this plan is free maintenance for 3 years. Again I remind my husband that we will be moving to Colorado soon and won’t be able to come back to this dealership for service. The finance guy steps in and assures my husband the plan is entirely transferable to a...

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