Netflix Essay

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Summer I, 2013

Company’s status
 On-demand Internet streaming media and DVD-by-mail service  Year founded 1997  Employees: 900 at corporate headquarters.  36 million members in 40 countries.  1 billion hours of TV shows and movies per month.  Customer satisfaction score of 86% *  Netflix is the world’s leading internet subscription service

*According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI),

Internet Strategy
GOAL: Proving the best online rental online experience for the customers.  Great website:
 Easy access to information.  Direct and attractive.  Fast

 Privacy Policy:
 collect data: customer’s information  Payments and communication plans.  Cookies

 Social networks. Share information.  Personalized online customer service

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HALLMARK of the company  Innovation focus: online streaming. Instantly from multiple platforms.

GOAL: Keeping the leading position in the industry.  Customer Loyalty. Great experience & fair prices.  Strategic Partnerships.  Build the best global Streaming Product  Keep investing in advanced technology.  Expansion internationally.  New possible segments: books, games…  Marketing and communication plans. Strategy of differentiation.

Article’s summary
 Overall Company Status.

Netflix, Reed Hastings Survive Missteps to Join Silicon Valley's Elite

 Chief Executive Officer and founder: Reed Hasting. Leading a complex and ambitious project for the company’s future.  The need of more computing horsepower.

“We think of the technology as a vehicle for creating a better, more modern experience for the content we have. What we’re really competing for quite broadly is people’s time.”

Article’s summary
 2009 Nexflix moved its entire technology infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.  It is now the world’s biggest users of CLOUD COMPUTING


Article’s summary
 Netflix run a data center on AWS  It’s a mutual beneficial relationship:
 Netflix; sophisticated tools and new software features.  Amazon offer these advances to other customers.

 Netflix draws upon 10,000 to 20,000 servers running in Amazon Data centers.  All files are compresses and creates more than 100 versions: bandwidth, device, language…

Article’s summary

Article’s summary
 Analysis to check which shows are the most popular.  Allows Netflix to develop and create a better, modern experience in its content.  Get information about customer’s needs and preferences.  From DVD-by-mail rental service to something more complex: Leader in streaming media business. The biggest bets:

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