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Netw Case Analysis 3

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1. Why have Personal Navigation Devices become popular? What technologies are required to facilitate the success of PNDs?

A PND uses a GPS signals to determine the device’s location and display it on a digital map. Additional software brings features such as routing, driving conditions, suggested directions, ETA, interactivity, etc.

The main features of PNDs that made them popular were convenience and accuracy of information. Before PNDs, to navigate one would need paper maps. Paper maps can become quickly outdated and cannot show current location. Users would have to know their locations in order to manually calculate a route to destination. A PND calculates the ...view middle of the document...

GPS is already a given in almost any smartphone regardless of manufacturer or carrier. Personal navigation will also become a baseline feature. I have yet to find a competitor to Google Maps that is worth the switch but eventually GPS/Maps/Navigation will be used as a framework for further differentiation such as location based augmented reality.

3. What will be a likely future for PNDs?

Their certain (not likely) future is that they will just disappear from the market as they will not be able to compete with convergent devices such as smartphones or in-car navigation systems that provide more features to the user than a dedicated PND can. Google NAV is better than any dedicated PND out there due to the fact that it is free, accurate, and always up to date and can provide additional information based on collective intelligence (traffic patterns). It is very possible that dedicated PNDs will always have a better GPS sensor due to larger form factor and dedicated purpose but the cost of the inconvenience of carrying two devices around (a smartphone and a PND) will not warrant purchasing a PND. Users will continue to get GPS capability by purchasing a must-have device, smartphone, and as the navigation software and GPS accuracy on those smartphones improve, PNDs manufacturers will have less and less arguments for convincing consumers to get yet another...

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