Network Implementation Essay

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Network Implementation Plan
Network Implementation Plan

Table of Contents
Implementing IPv6 3
Great Clips: Implementing a Network Plan
Configuring IPv6 on a Juniper Router
Network Infrastructure Design 6
Installing Ubuntu on Virtual Box
Linux Networking 9
Linux Network Commands
Analyzing Network Traffic 14
Network Sniffer Applications: Compare and Contrast
Installing Wireshark: Running a TCP Packet Trace
Network Security 16
Access Control Lists (ACL)
ACL Command Examples
To configure an ACL on a router
To configure an ACL on a switch
References 18

Implementing IPv6
Great Clips: Implementing a Network Plan

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Link-State routing protocols govern how information is passed between routers by determining the best paths of available connections. Routing protocols in this category include Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS). OSPF will govern that data will follow the shortest, the most cost-effective and reliable path. This protocol is typically used on large networks and can be grouped logically into areas. ISIS is not as popular as OSPF but is typically implemented in large scale networks such as ISPs.

Configuring IPv6 on a Juniper Router

You configure IPv6 on a Juniper Network router much like you do with IPv4. For router interfaces to support IPv6, they must be configured to specific properties, types and addresses. Interface family type inet6 and logical interface protocol families must be configured as well. Below is an example of the steps to configure IPv6 on a Juniper Network.

2001:db8::1/128 2001:db8::5/128


Log into your device running Junos OS and the CLI

Step 1: Enter configuration mode
Upon logging in, you will be in operation mode: “user@host>”
You must get into configuration mode by enter “configure”  “user@host> configure”
This changes to “user@host#” when place in configuration mode.

Step 2: Edit interfaces
“[edit interfaces ]
Fe-1/2/0 unit 1 description to –E
Fe1/2/0 unit 1 family inet6 address
Unit 1 family inet6 address 2001:db8::1/128 primary
Device A
[edit routing-options]
Set rib inet6.0 static route 2001:db8::5/128 next-hop
[edit interfaces]
user@host# commit
Device E
Fe-1/2/0 unit 25 description to –A
Fe-1/2/0 unit 25 family inet6 address
[edit routing-options]
Set routing-options rib inet6.0 static route ::/0 next-hop
user@host# commit” (Configuring IPv6 Static Routes, 2012)

Network Infrastructure Design
Installing Ubuntu on Virtual Box

Linux Networking
Linux Network Commands

The ifconfig command is a system admin tool used for network interface configuration. Using this command, a report is generated listing all running and recognized network interfaces on the system. Also listed are configurations such as IP addresses, net masks, broadcast addresses, gateway and the status of the loopback.
The ifconfig command can be used to troubleshoot networking issues by allowing a view of all network settings, all network interfaces, enabling and disabling network interfaces, assigning IP addresses and net masks among other capabilities.
ifconfig –a: displays all information for active and inactive interfaces on the network
ifconfig eth0 netmask : allows admin to define a net mask for a specific interface
ifconfig eth0 broadcast: allows admin to set certain broadcast address for a specific...

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