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Networks Essay

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Case project 3-1
What kind of transmission media would you recommend for each different building and department of the medical instrument company and why? I would recommend unbounded transmission media for building 1 and 2 because they would be sharing only data files and accessing servers on the network. It is more flexible and less expensive if they use wireless a network than a wire network. However, for building number 3, I would recommend to use bound transmission media because people on this building would be sharing files that contain videos. As we know sharing videos require a lot of data bandwidth; therefore, bounded transmission media is the best transmission media that we can use ...view middle of the document...

It is important to realize that a proper cable installation is one of the most important things for network maximum performance. For example, cables that are pulled tightly around the corners might lead to difficult- to- diagnose data error. Also, stringing cables too tightly risk connectivity and data transmission media. Moreover, paying attention to faulty terminations and excessive horizontal wiring spans is very important because it can cause problem and slowdown data transmission on a network. In addition, it can cause damage on the network that can be very difficult to fixe and expensive. Labeling patch cables, ports, and data jacks is very important on network for many reasons. First of all, labeling cables is important because we have better control over a network. In addition, it is easy and quickly to replace defective parts. It is also easy to add and move cable segments. So, it is critical to label patch cables, ports, and data jack make things easy at the moment of...

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