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New Paper

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What questions did you ask yourself about your chosen topic during your prewriting process?
Is there help for partial amputees in the future? Take for example me, I am missing two fingers on my left hand, actually only half of the fingers are gone, but is, or will there be a prosthetic for a person in the future like me?
Looking at the amount of the injured that have come back from the wars, it has amazed me ...view middle of the document...

I actually use a small program called sticky notes to do the brainstorming sometimes, I found that program about 8 years ago and have used ever since. I actually have it on a small memory stick somewhere. It is a good way to organize your thoughts, you can move the pieces around until it looks right, or in the order that you want.

Prosthetics for Veterans






Detail __Advances ______________

How often

Detail Articulation

Detail Hook or Hand

Detail Foot or Spring

Detail Advances

Detail Glass or Porcelan

Detail Mechanical or Computer link

Detail Types

Detail Most Common Areas

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How often do veterans choose alternative eyes, like computer linked?

Can they make toes that grip? Or feet that articulate the original?

Coping of living with an amputee.

Coping with the fact that you have a prostheitic,

How articulate are the new hands in respect to a “regular” hand.

What are the advances being made for the vets that have whole leg amutation and arms?

How often do veterans choose amputation? Why?

Advantages of having prosthetics, are we becoming the cyborg of the future?

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