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New Planet Essay

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New Planet
Jane Doe
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New Planet
Coming into this technologically and scientifically-advanced time has gradually become a constructive and exciting time for scientists and the rest of humankind. In addition to the new technology that has come about, over time there’s no denying that we have uncovered an increasing number of planetary bodies; be it stars and or planets that could possibly sustain life or not at all. Since 2005, scientists have found a vast amount of “super-Earths” which is defined as “…a planet with a mass between 1 and 10 times that of Earth, but less than the mass of the solar systems giant gas planets such as Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter (Live ...view middle of the document...

Howard who is an astronomer at the University of Hawaii states that they now have to build equipment i.e. space crafts, telescopes etc. that are governed by how close the nearest Earth-sized planets are in order to take a picture of the planet itself (Keck Observatory, 2013).
If I were a scientist or astronomer and I had the pleasure of discovering a new planet that resembled Earth, the first factor I would observe is the temperature of the planet, the temperature depends solely on the planet’s ability to heat the oceans at the right temperature, the atmosphere and the land in order to balance out the environment as well as sustain life forms. The second feature I would study would be the surface of the planet to see whether the surface is primarily an aquatic zone or an area where the surface is primarily land, as this tells what species lives on the planet and also makes for an easier exploration of the planet by space probe and or actual landing on the planet by astronaut. Whether it’s Venus’s thick clouds that block the surface from sight, icy planets like Uranus and Neptune or the rocky surface of Kepler-22, which is the latest discovered planet; the surface of a planet is a highly important feature when comparing an Earth like planet to that of Earth itself.
According to an article put forth by Harvard University, plate tectonics are “the forces that move continents and build mountains” without them the world wouldn’t be as unique as it is with its hill topped plains and volcanos (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 2008). In detecting the past and present plate tectonic activity on the new planet I would take into account the temperature...

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