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New Position Presentation Essay

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Over the Years…
Work with Jason/Scott/Phil’s Customers
Enter customer orders
Enter Purchase orders
Send order acknowledgements
Enter new customer info into FACTS
Enter new vendors info into FACTS
**Collect Customer Credit Info
Track release information for Logistics
Gather/Input/Send COA’s
Process incoming check
Enter payables
Prepare checks
Answer phones/ Direct calls
Request/Send Certificates of Insurance
**Gather Vendor Information
Open/ Sort Mail
Track and order office supplies & other needs
Set up Quick Delivery
Set up Fed Ex Deliveries
Bulls Tickets

Work closely w/ Jason/Scott/Phil (Mike J’s)
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Median Salary by State or Province
Job: Purchasing Assistant

Median Salary of a Purchasing Assistant in the Food Industry: $29,150 - $47,956 (
Average = $38,136

Recruiting Expenses………………$2500-$5000
Health Benefits…………………….$2000-$3000(single), $5000-$7500(family)
Employment Tax…………………..(Social Security, Unemployment, Medicare, Workmen’s Comp)
New Desk…………………………..$2000
Computer & Software …..……….$1200
Space……………………………….Open space
------------------------------------------------------------------Total……………………………….$38,150 - $ 44,100 + Training time + longer line for the restroom
(Based on a starting salary of $29,150)

Hire me for the Purchasing Assistant position in addition to my current
position. Allow me to work my office hours during the day taking care of all time
sensitive and office responsibilities and evenings at home finishing all other work
which can be completed on a more moderate timetable. For example, certain tasks
such as working with the customers, entering time sensitive PO’s and pick tickets,
entering/ depositing checks, and certain purchasing tasks would be done in the
office as always, but there are times certain responsibilities such as PO’s or pick
tickets that are not due for a while, sending order acknowledgements, entering
sample requests that are placed after 12pm, returning emails, requesting certificates
of insurance, gathering and entering monthly sales numbers for the sales manager,
etc. could be done from home with a laptop. Connection to the server via remote
access for FACTS!, Point-in-Space for emails, and MobileMe/ iChat should be all
that is needed to accomplish this task from home.
To ensure that the same high quality service that is being provided and
expected continues in all responsibilities, I suggest that at least 1 of the bi-monthly
meetings with Mike Jewett is focused on this proposed arrangement, during a 90day trail.

Numbers of the Proposal:

Increase in Salary…..………………$28,000
Recruiting Expenses………………..$0
Additional Health...

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