New Service Design Essay

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New Service Design
“Healthy Portions”

EMBA – Operations Management

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3
2. Overview of Organization 3
2.1. Market Analysis 3
2.2. Current Services 4
2.3. Competitive Strategy 4
3. New Service Proposal 4
4. Competitive Analysis 5
5. Service Concept 7
6. Operations Strategy 8
6.1. Operational Fit 10
6.2. Trade Offs 10
7. Critical Success Factors 10
8. Conclusion 11
9. Appendix 12
Figure 1: Porters Five Forces Model 12
Figure 2: House of Quality 13
Figure 3: Strategy Canvas 14
Figure 4: Key Success Factors and Activity Map 14
Figure 5: Healthy Portions Conceptual Floor Plan 15

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Customers can enjoy watching their meals prepared and learn how the chef is creating the master piece while chatting amongst friend. Meals are carefully measured, purposefully arranged in such a way that is pleasing to your eyes as well as your taste buds. Patrons will leave feeling pleasantly satisfied not stuffed. Food will be delivered to your table by educated, health conscious, caring servers who are passionate about helping customers achieve and maintain their health.
3.1. Market Analysis
Market trends in the food and restaurant industry indicate that consumers are demanding increasingly healthy menu items. Approximately half of the population of Nova Scotia resides within the boundaries of HRM, we can assume that half of the population with diabetes live in the same area. This is around 45,000 people that have to somewhat fend for themselves when they go out to eat with their families or friends.

The restaurant scene boasts more than 450 food establishments in a city of around 400,000 (Nebenzahl). The broke down establishments based on price point. There are 15 fine dining -expensive establishments, 62 higher priced, 152 moderately priced and 158 cheaply priced. Regardless of price point, an article from the Montreal gazette indicates that a common theme in Halifax is that a majority of the independent restaurants get creative with local and organic ingredients, as they believe that is what patrons want. Healthy Portions will also offer local seasonal ingredients, but that will be the only commonality that we will share with the Halifax restaurant market refer to Porters Five Forces Model for Healthy Portions – Figure 1 that outlines how Healthy Portions will settle into the market space catering primarily to an underserviced market of the local population that suffer from diabetes with a secondary focus on customers with celiac disease, and other health related issues that are managed through diet.
3.2. Current Services
At this time we are in the introductory phase of the product life cycle where we are fine tuning our menu items, determining the ideal location for our restaurant as well as completing a product-by-value analysis to ascertain the dollar contribution to the company. Future service offerings are discussed in detail in Section 5 - Service Concept.
3.3. Competitive Strategy
Our competitive strategy in the restaurant sector is focused on a niche market based on differentiation. We are unique in our offering, in the dining experience, in the menu, in the trained educated staff, and in the restaurant layout and design. We cater predominately to health challenged consumers (diabetics), but because our service is about total health and wellness, it does not alienate any consumer. Anyone who dines out and wishes to appreciate a healthy meal is encouraged to dine with us.
3. New Service Proposal
In Atlantic Canada people on average dine out twice a week and they see dining out as a...

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