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Nike Case Essay

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Case 3: Nike MaxSight Contact lenses: Seeing a Need
1. To identify different markets and products for MaxSight, Nike has used an analysis of consumer needs bases on the present products in the market. In fact, there were some kinds of contact lens but none of them reach consumer needs, which is a contact lens can protect the eyes as a pair of sunglasses. Nike has given MaxSight to take full advantage of visual acuity and is suitable for ones need or don’t need prescription.
Athletes and sports participants are likely to be the largest segments, but individuals who have active lifestyle also play an important role to adopt product.
2. Elements of the marketing mix for Nike MaxSight currently are 4P :
a. Product: two tints including grey-green and ...view middle of the document...

So, base on marketing mix Nike has already undertaken, I think Nike should reduce the price just a little bit. $50 is more affordable than $60. Because the lowest price is $25 and the most expensive is $70. Which is at the average price is easier to adopt because users usually compare goods to goods, prices to prices despite the different quality. Moreover, affordable price attracts more clients, especially those who have never tried this kind of contact lens before. This will bring extra users as well as more profit to Nike’s shop. Then, high revenue helps the company recovery the $50 instead of $60.
3. To noncontact lens- wearing athletes, MaxSight’s benefits can motivate them to adopt the product. Just by beneficial advantages can it capture them to wear contact lens. Because Nike has proven the usefulness of contact lens such as a better view without prevention from frames and nosepieces, no slip and slide, blocking UVA and UVB rays, comfortable exercising, etc, these functions encourage noncontact lens-wearing people to come and try the product.

To encourage noncontact lens- wearing athletes accept new product, Nike should give some special treatments for these guys.
For example, they get eyewash as freebie or periodical testing the eye when buying one pair of contact lens. Besides, Nike has advertised on sport magazine, where lots of sporty people can update about the product. Furthermore, managers must have some critical tips such as let customers try the product. Once they get acquainted with contact lens, they will see its benefits and usefulness, which they are looking for, they’ll buy. One more way is belongs to the staffs’ attitude to clients. Here, attracting commercial art is extremely essential. Nike’s fervor staffs must attract customers by their intelligent methods as well as practical quality of new goods.

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