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No Angel by Bernie McGill

The short story “No Angel” is written by Bernie McGill and published in 2010. The story is about loosing someone you love, and not wanting to let go of that someone. Loosing someone you love can be really hard. On the one hand you want to let that person go, and move on, but on the other hand you would like to remember that person. Maybe you are afraid of the loneliness and acknowledging their death, which will come when letting go. When you are so consumed with grief, it is often very hard to think straight, and you get yourself so convinced that your beloved one is still alive, and a part of your daily life, that you forget the reality. This is the kind of ...view middle of the document...

The composition consists of flashbacks and flash-forwards, which means that there is no chronological order. The story starts in medias res, because the story begins with an important event, that we don’t know anything about from beforehand; “The first time I saw my father after he died, I was in the shower…” This leads the reader straight into the situation, without any introduction to the characters. There is no eye-opening event or heart-warming outcome in the story; it is really just about a lonely girl talking to her dead father.

The main character is Annie; she is a typical Irish girl. Growing up, she has faced a lot of tragedies, with her brother being killed, and her mother dying of grief six months later. We know that she is from Ireland because, is says several times that she is glad to be back in Belfast, which is the capital in Northern Ireland. She is dating a guy called Thomas whom she plans to marry, if it wasn’t for her father’s hatred towards him. She is with Thomas because she has been alone with her father for 22 years, which also makes it even harder for her to face the fact that she is now all alone. She realizes that she doesn’t need him, and that the only reason she fell for him, was because he reminded her of her late brother Robbie: “I think, maybe, if I’m honest he reminded me of Robbie” and “It was never going to work. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the suitable daughter in-law show for a whole lifetime”. She is a sad girl, who is trying to process both the death of her father and the fact that she is now all-alone. You can say that she is both trying to remember and to forget, which can be really hard.

Annie’s father is an Irish farmer, who died because his lungs simply couldn’t work anymore. He was a quiet man, who had never had a drink in his life. He is very protective of his daughter, and is still trying to protect her even after his death - through her subconscious.
It is clear that he does not like Thomas, the man that Annie is dating, as he states “He’ll never set his foot on my farm”. By the way the father speaks we can identify him as the stereotypical Irish farmer, who is very protective of his family and his land, and does...

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