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Noble Gases Essay

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Periodic Table

The properties of nonmetals vary more than metals. Most nonmetals are gases, molecular, or network solids at room temperature. Nonmetals are delicate in solids. Nonmetal solids surfaces are dull. Nonmetals have high ionization energy and high electronegativity values. They are bad at making heat and electricity. Nonmetals gain electrons becoming negative ions with larger radii than the atoms. They have oxidation numbers of ±4, -3, and -2.
The elements in Group 18 are called noble gases. Noble gases do not have all the properties of nonmetals because they react chemically. A few compounds that have noble gases have been created. Each element has filled an outer ...view middle of the document...

It stays a liquid to zero at normal pressures, but can be made into a solid by the pressure rising. The helium heat is high. The density of helium at the boiling point is high. Helium valence is zero; it is not likely to mix with other elements.
Helium is used in the production and behavior of materials because its boiling point is near zero. A mixture of helium and oxygen is used as an atmosphere for workers using pressure. Helium is also used for filling balloons and blimps.
Neon was discovered by Sir William Ramsey, M.W. Travers in 1889. Neon’s atomic number is 10. Its symbol is Ne and it weights 20.1797. Neon is a colorless, odorless gas. Neon is a mix of three isotopes. There are also five other isotopes known neons. The melting point of neon is -248.67°C, boiling point is -246.048°C, density of gas is 0.89990 g/l, density of liquid at boiling point is 1.207 g/cm3, and valence is 0.
( Neon is very immobile, but it forms compounds such as fluorine. Neon forms an unsafe hydrate. Neon’s plasma is reddish orange. The release of neon is very intense.
Neon is used to make neon signs. Neon and helium are used to make gas lasers. Neon is used as high voltage indicators.
Argon was discovered by Sir William Ramsey, Baron Rayleigh in 1894. Argon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless noble gas. Its atomic number is 18. Its symbol is Ar and it weights 39.948. Argon has a freezing point of -189.2°C, boiling point of -185.7°C, and density of 1.7837 g/l. ( Argon is a noble gas and does not from chemical compounds.
Argon is used for electric lights. It is used for fluorescent tubes, phototubes, glow tubes, and for lasers. Argon is also used as a gas for cutting.
Krypton was discovered by Sir Willian Ramsey, M.W. Travers in 1898. Krypton is a dense, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. Its atomic...

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