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Non Verbal Communication Is More Effective Than Verbal Skills In The Workplace

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Non-Verbal Communication Is More Effective Than Verbal Skills in the Workplace

We live in this global world which is full of different kinds of people. Where we work together, play together and certainly live together as well. With respect to personal lives, we need people and a person need us for various kinds of jobs and assignments like comfort, security love and most importantly is friendship. On the other, in context to work environment, we need people in order to achieve organizations objectives and goals, which are impossible without any mean of communication. Thus communication plays an important role that ties us together. Our needs, our feelings, our ideas, our wants are tied ...view middle of the document...

It is found that use of non-verbal communication plays a most important role in creating good relationship amongst employees at workplace (Leslie Contreras). This can be justified by taking an example; like eye contact, space between sender and receiver, and tone of voice, these all come under non-verbal communication. So employees in workplace need to figure out non-verbal cues and must be able to use them appropriately in order to support their position as well as argument.

Susanne Jones recent survey shows that about 65% to 75% of all the communication carried in workplace is nonverbal. In workplace those nonverbal cues provide us information to make sense how we think and perceive about other individuals. More over it is added that, individuals at works use nonverbal gestures in order to arrive at particular decision about they relate to interpret performance of worker or colleague. Affectivity of communication is utmost priority for managers in business organization because the way they communicate and interact with their employees affects employee duties and performance. Managers tend to put up many job responsibilities, such as job performance goals, employee policies, and work related deadlines. So in order to attain those objectives and meet up with those organizations criterion, managers need use effective nonverbal communication methods along with positive attitude. As a result change in attitude affect performance of employee and can lead to failure. On the other hand if height of attitude is positive, it will increase morale and job performance of individuals in work at ease.

Non-verbal is kind of transmission of information and thus carry impact which is louder than words. Through this means of nonverbal communication, person can emphasize, punctuate, reinforce and most importantly enliven communication with different use of its different methods. Nonverbal communication as a useful tools helps organization to make convinced that messages are effectively shared and received by employees. As a result this action helps workplace to create shared meaning within individuals. When so ever there is any...

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