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Nonconformity Is Skin Deep Essay

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It was the title of this article that caught my eyes at first place. Along with the content develops, however, I feel like I want to change the “Nonconformity is Skin Deep” to “Conformity is Skin Deep”. But I guess this is exactly why I am into this piece. This article is brief, sharp, and ironic.
We know that in the past, people would feel ashamed of talking about wearing tattoos. The way that people tried to avoid getting connected with tattoo in the past hardly makes people believe that today tattoo has developed a prosperous market worldwide.
When we think of tattoo, it’s not hard for us to think of the pain when people etched images into their skin. For ...view middle of the document...

Some tattooed because they want to tell the story behind the symbol and they expect people come and ask them question about the arts made on their skin. Some tattooed simply because they want to express themselves and mark themselves as nonconformity. But the thing is, do people really need to mark themselves to remember something, to tell stories, and to make them feel special? The truth is, not many people care about what you wear and what you appear to be. People care about themselves more than they do to others. And just as you think you did something making yourself so special, you entered the group of people who thinks the same way and pursue the same thing—nonconformity. And that happens to make you become the mainstream you did not think you would be belong to. You are now conform.
However, people still don’t care. They buy things that they do not really need and they do things that do not really matter to others. We realize that not all the products and services that people purchase are essential, but as long as people think their needs are being satisfied, they desire them and they take actions. At this point, I suddenly realize that individual need is such a powerful source that can make the globe turn.
Therefore, I think tattoo is not necessarily tattoo; it can be cars, clothes, and jewelries, etc., anything that people can purchase to make themselves feel nice and right. Marketers always want to explore what consumers really need and want. I suppose what they really want to learn is consumers’ psychology.

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