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Assignment 2: Database Design and Data Modeling
Joesph Thomas
18 November 2014
IT525-01 Database Design and Data Modeling
Professor: Jon McKeeby, DSc.
Kaplan University

Question 1. Definitions
a. Business Rule: These are used to provide consistent control of the application’s data access by providing dependencies and relationships between system processes and the application. An example would be when you click print, the application automatically prints to the default printer set by the system instead of allowing you to choose a different source. This type of situation could be setup to prevent data theft.Not exactly based on database design and ERDs.
b. Entity Set (Entity ...view middle of the document...

It can be a Social Security Number or a system generated number. As long as it is unique and does not duplicate.
i. Foreign Key: Within a relational table, this will match the primary key of another table. These are used to cross reference data between tables. For example, Customer Table uses the customer ID for the Primary Key and other fields identify the customers basic data. The Order Table uses the Foreign Key to link each customer to their specific orders.
j. Associative Entity: These are connections that describe relationships between two entities within an Entity-Relationship model where all data is abstract and represented in software engineering. This is not correct.

Question 2 Business Rules
Figure 1. Publisher Database

Explanation of each row in the 4-row format:
(1) Write the entity pair. Author writes Book.
(2) Give one business rule. (An Author must always have at least 1 Book.)
(3) Give the other business rule. (A Book must always have at least 1 Publisher.)
(4) Give the connectivity. (If the connectivity is M:N, the associative entity is ??????.)

Question 3 Primary Key / Foreign Key Placement
The primary key of a table is often named after the table. Example: ISBN-13 would be chosen as the name of the primary key for the Book table.

For each entity set in the table below, give the primary key attribute(s) and the foreign key attribute(s) (if any).
Entity Set Primary Key Attribute(s) Foreign Key Attribute(s)
Publisher Publisher_ID PublisherCountry_ID
Volume Volume_ID ISBN-13

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