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Examination Paper of Organizational Behaviour

IIBM Institute of Business Management
Examination Paper


Organizational Behaviour
Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 marks)


This section consists of Multiple Choice and short notes type questions 
Answer all the questions. 
Part one carries 1 mark each and part two carries 5 marks each.

Part A:Multiple Choices:1. Which of the following is not comes under Maslow‟s needs theory?
1. Social needs
2. Affiliation needs
3. Physiological needs
4. Specification needs
2. Collegial model is an extension of:
a. Supportive model
b. Autocratic model
c. Custodial model
d. None of ...view middle of the document...

Robert House


Potential or ability to influence others in a delivered direction is called:
a. Politics
b. Power
c. Motivation
d. Leadership

Part B:1.

Define Bureaucracy.


State the concept of „Span of Control‟.

3. Wright a short note on classical conditioning learning theory of Ivan Pavlov.
4. What are the various stages of group development?


Section B: Caselets (40 marks)

This section consists of Caselets. 
Answer all the questions. 
Each Caselet carries 20 marks. 
Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150 to 200 words). 
Caselet 1

IIBM Institute of Business Management

Examination Paper of Organizational Behaviour
M/s. ABC Ltd is a medium-sized engineering company producing a large-range of product lines
according to customer requirements. It has earned a good reputation as a quick and reliable supplier to
its customers because of which its volume of business kept on increasing. However, over the past one
year, the Managing Director of the company has been receiving customer complaints due to delays in
dispatch of products and at times the company has to pay substantial penalty for not meeting the
schedule in time. The Managing Director convened an urgent meeting of various functional managers
to discuss the issue. The marketing manager questioned the arbitrary manner of giving priority to
products in manufacturing line, causing delays in wanted products and over-stocking of products which
are not required immediately. Production Control Manager complained that he does not have adequate
staff to plan and control the production function; and whatever little planning he does, is generally
overlooked by shop floor manager. Shop floor managers complained of unrealistic planning, excessive
machine breakdowns, power failure, and shortage of materials for scheduled products because of which
it is impossible to stick to the schedule. Maintenance manager says that he does not get important spares
required for equipment maintenance because of which he cannot repair machines at a faster rate.
Inventory control manager says that on one hand the company often accuses him of carrying too much
stock and on other hand people are grumbling over shortages. Fed up by mutual mud-slinging, the
Managing Director decided to appoint you, a bright management consultant with training in business
management to suggest ways and means to put his “house in order”.
Questions:1. What would you suggest to avoid delays in dispatch of products?
2. What action should be taken by various functional managers to meet the scheduled dates?

Caselet 2
Rajender Kumar was a production worker at competent Motors Limited (CML) which made
components and accessories for the automotive industry. He had worked at CML for almost seven
years as a welder, along with fifteen other men in the plant. All had received training in welding both
on the job...

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