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Nt1210 Itt Tech Case Study 2

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Switch Name Vendor Cost Reason
Dell CompUSA $325 High performance, lifetime warranty, wiring closet solutions, desktop connectivity
Cisco Axiontech $565 Lifetime warranty, software, layer support 2,mounting hardware
Juniper Discount Computer Super Store $850 High performance, lifetime warranty, layer 2 & layer 3, low power consumption

Case Study 2

2. Our company had to upgrade the NIC, the reason for this is they needed faster speeds to
communicate with the other locations throughout the world in and out of the state. When connecting
to the three other business’ states it is very important to stay connected to the network.
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She is now under way and understanding the importance of
network administering and will soon have the knowledge and experience to take her further in this
4. It is very good to attend different kinds of seminars to build your knowledge for helping out the
company. Technology changes almost everyday and it is imperative to stay up to date when it comes to
different programs, hardware, techniques, and other valuable assets to enhance and improve your
company’s future.
5. Everyone wants to grow and succeed in their job. Life is about being successful and evolving in your
position where you work. Business grows, times change, and goals grow for the best interest of the
business. It is a must to have a crew and staff you can trust, build a family with, and build that
relationship with satisfaction and responsibility. Everyone should give there all and full effort into the
company that trusts you with responsibility to ensure you get the job done. An employee needs to have
assurance and trust with there employer and likewise the other way around. If another employee needs
help with a certain project or task it is imperative to show them the way or find the resources to
accomplish the job. Without working as a team, the foundation of the company will not hold together
and not grow. All the staff and their employees deserve the respect and trust in order to do their job
the right way and feel that they are needed and are an important asset to the business.

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