Nt1210 Unit 6 Labs Essay

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BSS - A set of STAs (the component that connects to the wireless medium such as a network adapter or NIC) that communicates with each other.
ESS - An Extended Service Set (ESS) is a set of two or more BSSs that form a single sub network.

6.1 review
1. How the service works is that it allows you to connect to the network.
2. Radio frequency is superior because it is fast cause it through a satellite. 
3. WLAN is used in home because there easier to maintain and to take care of it I could be private.
The information that it’s giving me is that its showing the wireless networks around my area. A ...view middle of the document...

2. If a previously stated standard is not compatible with your adapter you could have issues with your connection not connecting.
For a secure connection
The IP config show you everything you need to know from your IP address and your gateway and basically it shows you your networking.
Event viewer.
6.3 review
1. A guest having access to your network could result in any imaginable results on your network.
2. Setting a MAC filter is a good way to filter who has access to your network.
An omnidirectional antenna radiates transmissions out and receives transmissions in from all directions, although not equally in all directions. Most of the antennas in this category are thin rods or long flat sticks.
A directional antenna is one that has a wide dispersion of more than 80 degrees and less than 120 degrees.
A highly directional antenna has a dispersion of 80 degrees to as little as 28 degrees, and is used for point-to-point transmission. Highly directional antennas use a line of perpendicular elements
6.4 review
1. a small three-room office orhome will probably get by with a single wireless network gateway located anywhere within the space and still maintain adequate coverage. A larger facility, such as an office complex, apartment building, hospital, or warehouse generally requires an extensive network.
2. AP 3, AP2, AP2
3. NO.

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