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Nt1310 Unit 4 Exercise 1 Essay

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Boris gavilanes
Physical networking
Unit 4 exercise 1

Horizontal cable - The cabling between and including the telecommunications outlet and the horizontal cross-connect
Backbone cable - A cable connection between telecommunications or wiring closets, floor distribution terminals, entrance facilities, and equipment rooms either within or between buildings
Patch cords - an insulated cord with a plug at each end, for use with a patch panel.
Connectors - A connector is a mechanical device used to align and join two conductors or fibers together to provide a means for attaching and decoupling it to a transmitter, receiver, or another fiber.
Conduit - A rigid or flexible metallic or ...view middle of the document...

The circuit under test is completely de-energized prior to connecting the apparatus.
Category 5e/6 cable - Also called CAT-5e or Enhanced CAT-5. Recognized in ANSI/TIA-568-C. Category 5e has improved specifications for NEXT, PSNEXT, Return Loss, ACRF (ELFEXT), PSACRF (PS-ELFEXT), and attenuation as compared to Category 5. Like Category 5, it consists of unshielded twisted pair with 100 ohm impedance and electrical characteristics supporting transmission at frequencies up to 100MHz. See Chapters 1 or 7 for information.
Binder groups - A group of 25 pairs of wires within a twisted-pair cable with more than 25 total pairs. The binder group has a strip of colored plastic around it to differentiate it from other binder groups in the cable.
Hybrid cable - A group of 25 pairs of wires within a twisted-pair cable with more than 25 total pairs. The binder group has a strip of colored plastic around it to differentiate it from other binder groups in the cable.
Composite cable - A cable that typically has at least two different types of transmitting media inside the same jacket; for example, UTP and fiber.
Pulling cable – device for pulling cable through holes.
Wavelengths of lights - A cable that typically has at least two different types of transmitting media inside the same jacket; for example, UTP and fiber.
EMI - Electrical noise generated in copper conductors when electromagnetic fields induce currents. Copper cables, motors, machinery, and other equipment that uses electricity may generate EMI. Copper-based network cabling and equipment are susceptible to EMI...

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