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Ntc/362 Fundamentals Of Networking Team Paper

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Individual Final Project
NTC/362 Fundamentals of Networking
Dean McIntyre

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital looks to upgrade their Information Technology (IT)
capability beginning with their networks. The characteristics, components, and topology are
evaluated to properly identify the needs for the new network design. The plan includes
converting to a Wireless Local Area Network otherwise known as (WLAN), installing a Voice
over Internet Protocol otherwise known as (VoIP), and design a Wide Area Network (WAN).
The plan also includes the hospital maintaining all Macintosh® computers.
Administration/Clinical Overview
* The administrative departments run off of ...view middle of the document...

options are tree, ring, or star however the bus topology is already in place to capitalize on. The
1000 Base-T Ethernet connection will provide the speeds up to a Gigabit per second on a copper
wire line. The 1000 Base-F Ethernet also will provide the speeds up to a Gigabit per second,
however it uses a single mode optical fiber line for its connections. The bus topology is also
referred to as a “backbone” that allows for wireless router insertions at any point in the line.
* Convert the administration network to a WLAN will require the installation of wireless
solution capable of capitalizing on the current LAN configuration. Identification of access points
on the backbone will allow for communication with wireless devices. The Wireless Access
Points (WAP) is also called base stations or controllers. The base stations operate over radio
frequencies that only cover several hundred feet. This will require strategic locations to ensure
the hospital has complete coverage. This is a technique called full mesh networking that will
connect each base station to each other. Security will limit access using encryptions and
passwords for only the devices it supports.
The RAS will allow for the implementation of connecting the three local hospitals to Patton-
Fuller. The desired speed for two-way communication is 20 Mbps. The Synchronous Optical
NETwork (SONET) is a fiber optic network technology that meets this desire. This configuration
will also allow radiologists and doctors to communicate from their homes. The RAS server is
currently connected to the backbone Base-T line. Accommodating the higher speeds will require
moving the RAS server to the Base-F fiber optic line to fully capitalize on the SONET signal
hierarchy. The hospital may also have to lease a T-3 line to achieve the desired high speed

outside the network. The Cisco ASA 5510 Virtual Private Network (VPN) router provides
security and is already connected to the RAS server. The firewall setup on the VPN router is the
key to mitigating network attack scenarios.
* Standards
* WLAN are of a specific technology that encompasses a variety of standards, but the IEEE
802.11 is the most important. Goleniewski states, “This standard was introduced in 1977 to
specify operations using the unlicensed 2.4GHz band” (Goleniewski, 2014, p. 642).
Amendments have been made since then to add media access control specifications for 3.6, 5,
and 60 GHz bands. Standards that cover VoIP come from the ITU-T’s Standards and
Recommendations, H.323, Annex E, call connection over UDP. (Broaden standards)
* VoIP
* The WAN will provide the ability to conduct VoIP communication. Latency and jitter are two
limitations to Internet Protocol (IP) networks. IP switching works to eliminate these problems.
This is achieved by replacing processing routers with switches. The processing routers examine
each packet for errors which...

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