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Nurse Practitioner Role Development Essay

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FNP Role Development
Katy Lehigh
Concordia University Wisconsin

FNP Role Development
For five decades nurse practitioners have been providing safe, effective, quality primary care services to all ages and populations. As a testament to their commitment and excellence nurse practitioners are being chosen as provider of choice by millions of Americans. Becoming a skilled provider is a dynamic process that occurs over time. Effective role development is essential in becoming a dynamic, compassionate, and knowledgeable clinician.
Political Perspective
Not all threats to our nation derive from foreign enemies. Our nation suffers within our own borders due to chronic illnesses, ...view middle of the document...

These changes significantly impact consumers, employers, and healthcare providers. Consumers benefit from free preventative care, protection from healthcare fraud, increased coverage for children up to age 26, no annual or lifetime limits on healthcare, and no restrictions due to pre-existing conditions. Small businesses, and non-profit organizations, may qualify for tax credits. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Affordable Care Act will reduce insurance company abuse, reduce administrative burdens and increase time spent with patients, improve coordination of care, and improve preventative care services (HHS, n.d.). While the ACA offers many benefits, it’s by no means comprehensive.
After full implementation of the Affordable Care Act an additional 32 million people will have access to primary care. Supply of healthcare providers becomes a critical concern with the mass influx of patients, and not only that “the ACA fails to achieve universal coverage; it may also not successfully achieve access for a large segment of the US population” (Shi & Singh, 2015, p. 31). “Experts estimate the U.S. is already short more than 9,000 primary care physicians, a number expected to rise to 65,800 by 2025” (Aleccia, 2013). Nurse practitioners can help to alleviate the tension created by the ACA. They can perform virtually all of the functions of primary care physicians, and focus on prevention, chronic care management while providing holistic cost-effective quality care.
Historical Development
In the past, “nurses functioned independently and autonomously before the rise of organized medicine”, so the nurse practitioner (NP) role was not an entirely new concept (Lucille, 2009, p. 13). Since the inception of the first NP program in 1964, advanced practice registered nurse education has evolved from four month certificates, to bachelors, masters and even doctoral programs. “Although often still focusing on primary care, from the 1970s forward the NP role evolved to include adult/geriatrics, family, women’s health, neonatal, acute care, and other specialty roles” thus proving the adaptability of a nurse practitioner (Aleshire, Wheeler, & Prevost, 2012, p.15).
A common counterpart to the nurse practitioner is the physicians assistant (PA). According to Lucille (2009), the physicans assistant role, established in 1961, stemmed from a disagreement in the curriculum of advanced practice nurses, the use of physician instructors in lieu of nursing instructors, and an overall non-supportive stance for the advancement of nursing. While both roles share a common goal of providing patient-centered quality health care and require physician supervision, in Michigan, there educational experience and methodology differ greatly. Nurse practitioners build on their skills and education received as a registered nurse, and progress to either a master or doctorate level. Conversely, physician...

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