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Nursing Essay

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Baccalaureate nursing practice incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communicating, teaching and leading. Another advantage of baccalaureate program is that it is acting as a bridge towards master” degree and that’s where specialization comes into play. But, to my knowledge, there are programs that allow a perspective individual to earn their master’s bypassing the BSN altogether, making it not really essential in the nursing profession.
Studies indicate that nurses with higher education provide better care ...view middle of the document...

Such scenario would either prompt them to try and obtain a higher education level or provide the best care possible, which would also contribute to mentioned statistic.
Nursing is really a hand on type of a profession, so the experience of a nurse matters greatly. On the other hand, possessing only an associate degree would make the given individual the least educated among the people providing care. Since doctors, PAs , physical therapists all tend to have advanced degrees, it would make the communication between team members easier if they were all more or less on the same level. But in order to make the BSNs universal, associate degree program needs to be eliminated altogether. It takes about 3 years to complete, and then the person only ends up with an associate degree. On one hand, you enter the work field faster, but at the same time if you would like to obtain the BSN afterwards, it would certainly take you longer than a year, making it in actuality a longer path. The changes and evolution of nursing education continue, and members of the nurse community are exploring better methods of teaching student nurses. The current battle about mandated baccalaureate degrees, which has raged for decades, is one of the most controversial issues in nursing.
Of course, in certain...

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