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Nursing Philosophy Essay

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Nursing philosophy “identifies what is believed to be the basic or central phenomena of the discipline, relates nursing to a particular world view, and provides some information on how one may come to learn about the world”. (p. 13, Salsberry, 2008). My personal philosophy of nursing evolved over the years and includes my observations, beliefs, thoughts, and practices. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personal philosophy of nursing and the personal and professional experiences that have contributed to the development of my view of nursing.
Nineteen ninety-four was a significant year for me; it was the year I began volunteering at the local children's hospital. I read books to ...view middle of the document...

For me, patient safety and comfort are always a priority. Whether I am checking the patient’s ID tag, that the bed is locked in the appropriate position, or implementing the procedures for medication administration, I take none of these basic functions for granted and give them my full attention to detail, safety, and quality; always keeping the concern and care for the patient at the center of my philosophy and my actions.
I strongly believe that personal demeanor is another key to success as a nurse. Being personable, open-minded, and inquisitive contribute to developing positive relationships with patients and professional relationships with colleagues. I find that the greatest potential for the patient health comes from communication, collaboration, and teamwork.
Working in a corporate environment has helped me recognize that medical work entails a lot of administrative detail and hierarchy. I find that attention to things such as workflow, meeting deadlines and dependability are critical to efficient delivery of nursing services. I am planning to implement these skills while working in complex hospital organizations as a nurse.
In addition, my background in education makes me committed to bringing nursing and education together, by implementing professional pedagogy into nursing and by emphasizing patient education as a tool for promoting optimal health and preventing complications.
I want to emphasize one final area that I believe is critical to the nursing; an area for which I have great appreciation and experience -- diversity. Diversity...

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