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Research Summary and Ethical Consideration

A growth in hospital acquired infections has been linked to inadequate hand hygiene in hospitals causing a huge number of patients each year. “Most healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are spread by direct contact, especially via the hands of health care worker” ( Gould, 2011, P. 1). Even though hospital employees are usually knowledgeable about the consequence of inadequate hand hygiene, compliance of health care workers with suggested hand washing practices remains commonly poor. The easy procedure of hand washing hands save patients’ lives, but unhygienic hand practices continues to place patients at dangerous risk. According to ...view middle of the document...

This study involved 129 clinical nurses at the University of Ege Faculty of Medicine Application and Investigation Hospital at Internal Medicine clinics. The 129 nurses surveyed responded with100% participation. The form was circulated to the participant in their duty time. The survey included three sections requesting information about their hand hygiene practices. The first section contained personal information concerning the nurses such as their age groups, working times, marital status, regularity of hand washing, rationale for not washing hands, and the availability of supplies for hand washing. The second section consisted of the quality of hand washing practices, which is rated between zero to 20 points and 16 -20 points was counted as a good degree of quality. The last section linked hand washing to the cleanliness of different procedures by a scale developed by Fulkerson. In this scale, nursing procedures were rated from “clean” to “dirty” actions. The data were gathered and analyzed. The study obtained the responses of 129 nurses and their practice of washing their hands in the workplace. Most nurses stated they should give more consideration to hand hygiene, although some nurses wash their hands. This survey discovered that the nurse’s rationale for not washing hands was because of painful hands, not enough time, poor sources or the use of gloves. Only 86% of participants reported trouble getting enough supplies for hand hygienic materials. Most of the nurses complained about wet hands after drying with used towels. Only 12% used soap and the majority of nurses opens and shut the basket with their hands.
This study has exposed nurses to have a poor compliance with hand hygiene. The study also reveals nurses have insufficient supplies for washing and drying hands. The majority of respondents stated the soap used for hand washing caused an increased roughness and irritation of the hands. Hand hygiene products damage the skin by creating changes in...

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