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Nursing Shortage Essay

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Nursing shortage has been a hot topic in the nursing filed for more than decade. Multiple components are the catalyst to this disaster. The reason why I identify our nursing shortage as a disaster is because human lives are in our hands. Another concern is the potential of not been able to meeting the health care needs of our communities. This national growing problem makes it crucial to attract students to the profession (Vioral, 2011). Even after students enter nursing programs, 13% of ...view middle of the document...

These reasons consist of stress related to understaffing and the high acuity, lack of support from the leaders, salary, scheduling problems, an unfriendly or negative environment and the lack of professional growth. I do not about you all but these are not new words to my ears. I have been listening to the same tune for more than 25 years. As a leader it is very frustrating working with HR recruiting department and the engagement crew to keep our nurses engage and at bedside.
Fostering a culture of genuine support by nursing administration and educators is one the first step an organization has to take in order to initiate their journey to developing an environment of engage nurses (Vioral, 2011). In my hospital we are currently using Avatar employee engagement survey and base on the results we are going to have our hands full building our employee engagement plan of action. The questions on the survey that score the lowest were related to nurses’ salary, lack of support from supervisor and staffing issue. Not very surprising from what I have being researching in regards nursing retention issues.

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