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PROGRAMMES: Advanced Undergraduate Transfer Credit, PGE2

INSTRUCTORS : Don MINDAY, coordinator
Jean-Bertrand LEFEBVRE
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Assess her/his individual strengths and weaknesses
3. Function more effectively in a project group.

Assessment: Learning outcome 1, the ability to assess and apply OB concepts, is achieved through lectures, case studies, and tutorial exercises, and assessed during the quizzes. The 2nd learning outcome related to personal development is assessed through self-awareness exercises and the group project. The 3rd learning outcome related to teamwork is assessed through a self- and peer-evaluation exercise.


The module of Organisational Behaviour (OB) situates the manager’s individual behaviour with respect to the complexities of group dynamics and organizational systems in firms. It emphasizes the practical application of concepts related to self-awareness, teamwork, motivation, conflict management, leadership, decision making, national and organizational culture. It examines the impact of these concepts on four main outcomes critical to firms: job satisfaction, performance, turnover, and absenteeism.


This module contributes to the development of the following aptitudes of the "Manager 3.0" specified in the ESC Rennes School of Business programme objectives: General management skills, communication skills, leadership skills, openness, interpersonal skills


▪ Company case studies and examples (paper, video) discussed in class.


▪ The success of the individual learning experience relies on students' reading module material, preparing assignments, and participating in class. The emphasis is more on LEARNING than TEACHING, so the "ball is in the student's court."
▪ Classes will start on time and end on time. Late students will not be admitted to class.
▪ Each student has 3 hours class per week. See schedule on next page.
- 1 ½ hr. lecture: presentation of key concepts
- 1 ½ hr. tutorial sessions: application of key concepts in the form of exercises, case analyses, role plays,...
▪ Cross-Knowledge is an e-learning platform available to students which provides a number of interesting 30-minute interactive modules on OB topics. More information will be given in class.
▪ Students are encouraged to ask questions during class. If they want to discuss a question more in-depth, they should make an appointment with their tutorial instructor.
▪ If you have questions about concepts, module material or handouts, assignments, and assessments, contact your tutorial instructor, who will give you his/her contact information and office hours. If you want to see your instructor, it's best to make an appointment first.
▪ Students are expected to study outside classroom hours: 3 hours of study (reading, preparation) for each hour of module, i.e. 9 hours per week, should be...

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