Obama's Plan Essay

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Clayton Howell
Dr. Carolyn Schmidt
POS 2041
Assignment 3
Obama’s Immigration plan that he introduced recently has many citizens outraged. This plan that Obama announced will change how immigrants live and work in the United States. Immigrants will no longer have to “live under the radar” and never fear deportation again. Obama claims that he will use his executive power to enforce this system and plan. There are many guidelines to debate with this plan, along with health care, social security, and jobs that immigrants may receive. I agree with Ander ...view middle of the document...

So our political group would go about a public meeting and generate letters to send to local news or newspapers. Creating this special interest group could seek power by participating in volunteer work throughout the community would draw Television reporters to our meetings and hearings and hopefully raise awareness of the Immigration Plan. The outcome I think could be huge enough that the public would help spread this plan making other groups and people against Obama’s plan. I believe once everyone hears that approximately five million immigrants in the United States will become citizens with little requirement will cause a political and society uproar.
Special Interest groups have always been an important mechanism in that they help manage the government and the citizens with a fair political system. I believe interest groups play a positive role for both parties. It is a competition, which helps both parties in making certain political decisions based off of one another. These interest groups maintain and balance the roles of each political system and party, which plays a positive role I think!

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