Obese Should Pay Higher Premiums Essay

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(THESIS) Obese people should have to pay higher premiums. The heavier a person is the higher your insurance is going to go up due to the health risk factor. When you work for a business or company full-time the insurance is through them and they just take the payment out of everyone’s paycheck. It is not fair to the people of normal weight to be responsible for the payment of high insurance that goes along with obesity. Instead of everyone paying the same amount they should determine each person’s own premium. Also, the people that are paying higher premiums because they are obese should get something out of it as well, they shouldn’t just be penalized for being overweight.
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Employees often have to go through medical and biometric testing as part of their health insurance open-enrollment process. Individuals with high values for cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure, or with chronic conditions like diabetes, are often responsible for the higher premiums in the workplace.
Epperson (2003) described how much non-overweight people are paying a year to finance obesity related medical expenditures. Epperson stated, “Overweight and obese Americans spend $700 more a year on medical bills than those who are not overweight. That comes to a total of about $93 billion in extra medical expenses a year. Many of these costs are passed on to all Americans in the form of greater premiums and copayments for health-insurance plans. Plus the average taxpayer shells out $150 to $200 a year to finance obese related health problems, Medicare and, Medicaid recipients” Epperson (p 162). This goes to show that people without any overweight related problems not only have to pay for themselves but for the obese as well.
Guarino (2013) wrote an article stating just how much being obese costs the work place. Guarino (2013) researched that obese employees have much higher weight-related medical costs and tend to miss work more often than other workers who at a healthy weight. By taking into consideration obesity and obesity-related conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes, the cost is $67.7 billion for doctors’ visits a year. In terms of lost employee time on the job, the costs are steep; $39.3 billion a year are lost because of the work missed due to the health problems associated with obesity. The obese are not just having the people at a healthy weight pay but the place they work at as well. Instead of having everyone pay for the obese why not figure out who should pay what?
(POINT 2) Health insurance premiums are always based on a variety of underlying factors, based on the health of the person that is applying for the insurance. Obesity is one of the many risks that Medical Insurance companies charge higher premiums for. As the article “Health insurance Medics” (2013) read, getting a health care plan always involves a medical assessment, at which point the weight, height, and other health concerns will be addressed. In relation to obesity, insurance companies base their decision off of the BMI, which stands for Body Mass Index. This number should ultimately determine how obese or overweight a person is, based on a predetermined index. A person’s BMI should be calculated for their health care plan based on their height and weight. The exact calculation is the weight in kilograms divided by the height in meters squared. The BMI chart is how Medical Insurance companies determine what the appropriate height and weight for someone should be. This will help determine if they are in optimal health or not. When the height and weight is calculated to determine the body mass index, ideally everyone should fall into...

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