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Obesity And The Food Industry Essay

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Nunn, Brandon
English Brooks
English 1010
4 October 2015
Mark Bittman’s “The Food Industry’s Solution to Obesity”
For decades, obesity has been a major problem in American society. Some attribute this to the laziness or lack of ambition of Americans. Others blame the marketing strategies of big name food companies. Mark Bittman attributes it to big name food companies not distributing “healthy” food to the public. He insists that they instead distribute food that is terrible for you. Loaded down with excess amounts of sugar, calories, and fats, the food companies have begun to appear to be selling “better” food to society. In his article, “Parasites, Killing Their Hosts: The Food ...view middle of the document...

He does this by targeting even the government for trying to ignore the problem. Saying “The government’s rightful role is not to form partnerships with industry so that the latter can voluntarily “solve” the problem, but to oversee and regulate the industry.” Bittman wants anyone who has the ambition to help, to do so. He points out that food companies won’t change as long as one of them stays in the same vicious cycle they have been in. Saying that as long as one remains the same non-caring entity that they started as, the others will never change the way they market food.
Bittman opens his article noting that most people buy food that is marketed by corporations in the food industry. Stating that while you can buy food from farmers and organic companies, it’s just easier at the supermarket. “It’s hard to market fruit and vegetables without adding value” says Marion Nestle. Here he brings in the point that most of this food is “processed beyond recognition.” Stating that profit isn’t the only gain for the industry when marketing this “food”, he says that it creates a much longer shelf life as well. This point is important because it almost sounds as if it contradicts what he is arguing in this article, but it’s not. He then jumps to the next sentence showing what each of these natural and healthy items are being turned into to increases the shelf life and value. This shows that these people are still in it for profit and not concerned about the public’s health.
As the article continues, he jumps into a more logos appeal in the next paragraph. He states that diseases like diet related Type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and NASH are beginning to become more common. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is a liver disease that closely resembles alcoholic liver disease, but is caused by a bad dieting plan. This appeal allows him to hit a more factual basis with his article. Bittman relates these to the fact that...

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