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Objective C Research Paper

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Research of Objective-C
October 9, 2012

There is little doubt in today’s dynamic and fast moving technology market that Objective-C is a powerful, high-level, flexible programming language that has been around since the early 1980s and has the staying power to last a long time. Objective-C is an extension of the programming language C developed by Brad Cox and Tom Love to support the object oriented features of Smalltalk another programming language. Objective-C is the main language from which Apple’s MAC OS X for Desktops and laptops and iOS for iPhones and iPads are derived. There have been variants to this language as well, Objective-C++ and Objective-C 2.0 which ...view middle of the document...

h extension, but this header looks different than a typical C header.
Objective-C Programming Language
Objective-C is a simple high-level, object-oriented programming language that is based on C, it is a superset of the C language, designed by Brad Cox and Tom Love and developed by Apple, Inc. originally in 1983 to give C full object-oriented programming capabilities, and does so in a simple and straightforward way. C programming can be traced back almost forty years to two engineers at AT&T Bell Labs named Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. These two individuals were working on developing UNIX but after attempts to write the operating system utilizing assembly language, they decided that a higher level, more computer friendly programming language was needed to handle the complex UNIX. The C language was created and was used to write much of the UNIX operating system kernel and infrastructure. C is a procedural language, which meant it lacked the features that are needed for object-oriented programming. Object oriented programming advocated the creation of smaller, clearly defined code objects that can be assembled and reused to create more complex systems. Alan Kay, who later went to work for Apple and Dan Ingalls at Xerox PARC, made an early attempt with the object-oriented programming language called Smalltalk. So what Brad Cox and Tome Love did was extended the C programming language to support the object oriented features of Smalltalk, with the combination of these languages Objective-C was created.
Steve Jobs of Apple fame when he was let go by Apple started a company called NeXT in 1988, he and his company took the first step to make Objective-C a commercial programming language by licensing it from StepStone a new company formed by Tom Love and Brad Cox. NeXT extended their GCC compiler to support Objective-C and then developed Application Kit (Appkit) and Foundation Kit libraries on which NeXTstep (Object-oriented multitasking operating system) user interface and interface builder were based. Apple has a native object-oriented application programming interface (API) called Cocoa for the Mac OS X operating system and a related API called Cocoa Touch which has animation and gesture recognition and is used mainly for applications for the iOS operating system for devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. With the foundation set, Objective-C is now the primary language used to write Mac software, be it for the desktop platform and mobile devices.

Now and the Future
Objective-C has become more popular than C++ thanks to Apple’s preference for the language when programming applications for Apple iOS and OS X. The languages popularity is based on the number of skilled programmers around the world, the number of courses offered for the programming language and the number of vendor applications based on the TIOBE index, which is a measure of popularity of programming languages calculated from number of search engines...

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