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Od Glossary Essay

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 360 Degree Feedback         An evaluation method that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor and four to eight peers, reporting staff members, co-workers and customers.  
ABE - Adult Basic Education         Adult Basic Education  
Accreditation         Certification by a duly recognized body of the facilities, capability, objectivity, competence, and integrity of an agency, service or operational group or individual to provide the specific service(s) or operation(s) needed.
Recognition given to a person or organization meeting certain standards.  
Achievement         Performance as determined by some type of assessment or ...view middle of the document...

  Adaptive Learning         Adaptive learning is change that has been made in reaction to changed environmental conditions; with a lower degree of organizational change; adaptive learning is also seen as more automatic and less cognitively induced than proactive learning.   Affinity Diagram         A tool used to organize and present large amounts of data (ideas, issues, solutions, problems) into logical categories based on user perceived relationships and conceptual frameworking.
Often used in form of "sticky notes" sent up to the front of the room in brainstorming exercises, then grouped by facilitator and workers. Final diagram shows relationship between the issue and the category. Then categories are ranked, and duplicate issues are combined to make a simpler overview.   Alignment         The actions taken to ensure a process or activity supports the organization's strategy, goals and objectives.

The congruency between the written, taught, and tested curriculum; vertical alignment refers to agreement throughout the learning system from foundation to graduation; horizontal alignment refers to agreement within a level or course.   Analysis         A systematic approach to problem-solving, made simpler by separating problems into more understandable elements. This involves the identification of purposes and facts, the statement of defensible assumptions, and the formulation of conclusions.   Analytical Assessments         Assesses the ability to measure the application of skills and knowledge that compares and contrasts the parts to the whole.   Aptitude         A person’s potential for acquiring abilities or developing competencies.   AQIP - Academic Quality Improvement Program         Academic Quality Improvement Program

AQIP is the North Central Accreditation process for higher education institutions who select a continuous improvement model. The process includes a self-assessment, annual action projects, and strategic planning.   Assessment         An evaluation process including a document review, an on-site audit and an analysis and report.

A systematic process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the current, historical or projected status of an organization.

Often used as a synonym for evaluation. The term is sometimes recommended for restriction to processes that are focused on quantitative and/or testing approaches.   Assessment Binder         A collection of mandated district wide tests to be used to show proof of student mastery at a content standard level. Includes district protocol and procedures.   Assessment Tools         Various methods used to obtain information about student learning; these tools are used to guide a variety of educational strategies and decisions. Methods may include observations, interviews, video/audio tapes, projects, experiments, tests, performances and portfolios.   Asynchronous Training         Self-paced training that does not require the student and instructor to participate at...

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