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Old Town Essay

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Macro environment
Competitive force: In the F&B industry, we will never know when and what will our competitor do to
fight for their business. The competitors are not only the ones that we can see now, it could be our
future competitors as well. These are the unforeseen competitive in the hospitality industry. For an
example, K3K, OldTown, and paparich are competiting to each other, but suddenly there comes a new
company NewTown, and it gives better service, all the others will lose their business. As the F&B
industry encourage more competition when the market grow or if its profitable. OldTown is a place
that normally medium income customer will dine in.
Demographic force: Demography is the study of human populations such as, density, location, age,
gender, race, occupation, and ...view middle of the document...

For an example, an
OldTown customer will visit OldTown to have a cup of white coffee before he goes to work. But, if
the economic crisis comes, the customer will maybe just visit OldTown 2 times a week even how he
love the dining experience in OldTown because his allowance is not enough to visit every day.
Technological force: The F&B companies are greatly affected by the changes in technology, such as
internet, computerized system and others. Many restaurant have their own website, and OldTown have
their own too. From the website, customer can know what kind of food or service do the restaurant
have before they make their decision to dine in the restaurant. A computerized system can also make
the restaurant service better. OldTown is using a piece of paper to take customers order in the old they.
This might happens some human error if the waiter forget to send the order to the kitchen, and end up
with the customer can’t get their food after waiting more than 30 minutes. Today, Oldtown is using a
computerize system instead of using a piece of paper. The waiter will key in the order through the
system and the order will automatically send to the kitchen.
Cultural force: A cultural environment includes institutions and also other forces that affect a society’s
basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors too. OldTown has their own cultural as it also
follows the cultural of Malaysia. The company of OldTown starts it’s business in Malaysia, hence the
menu of OldTown is more on Malaysian cuisine such as Nasi Lemak, Curry mee and others. All the
races among Malaysia can visit to OldTown because it is a halal company and the outlets does not
sells any alcoholic beverage or pork. Besides of Malaysian cuisine, OldTown also offers some western
cuisine, such as chicken chop.

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