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Oliver Twist An Analysis

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Oliver Twist

written by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist published in 1838, a novel written by Charles Dickens, who was a leading English novelist of the Victorian ear and also considered of being one of the greatest English writers with deep-storytelling novels. ``Oliver Twist``, Dickens second novel, tells the story of the orphan Oliver who is through unfortunate circumstances forced to take part in criminal acts of the gangland of London. Where from he is later on rescued. I decided to analyse how Dickens tried to describe and expressed the poverty and the abundance in his novel, in doing so I will also try to direct my attention on the conditions of life at that time in England.

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Furthermore there were huge differences between their nutrition. So that Fugin`s gang had to steal their daily food and children in the workhouses didn’t get nowhere near enough to survive, ``Oliver Twist, he was desperate with hunger… He rose from the table, and advancing to the master. ``Please Sir, I want some more`` `` (Schöninghs englische Textausgabe p.11 l.16) whereat the upper class didn’t have to worry about their food. ``Mr. Limpkins: ``Do I understand that he asked for more, after he had eaten the supper allotted by the dietary?`` (Schöninghs englische Textausgabe p.12 l.5) And as already broached on top there was a huge gap how and where they lived. Fagin`s gang what we can look up on like a normal family at this time, lived and slept all together in one room, without the luxury of fluent water or a toilet. Whereon the contrary it were usual for the rich to hold servants, which were also allowed to sleep in your house. What included own bathrooms and kitchens. Also the property plays a role in the novel, while the rich were owner of pocket watches and silk scarves was Fagin`s gang out to steal and sell them. But the biggest divide between rich and poor is not to overlook and was surely basic and reason for the preceding arguments and circumstances above. It was their work. Many people of the upper class were owner or master of workhouses, poorhouses or factories. Thereby they were master over the majority...

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