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On The Development Of Comprehensive Information Security Policies For Organizations

3359 words - 14 pages

Annotated Bibliography Assignment 1

Gary L. Williams

Information Assurance Research Literature

RSC 830

January 20, 2015

Dr. Emily Darraj

Annotated Bibliography Assignment 1
The purpose of this assignment is to examine the topic cybersecurity via an annotated bibliographic review of multiple dissertations. This assignment will work toward the identification of a future dissertation topic within this field and also towards the identification of research material in support of the final dissertation. The annotated bibliographic reviews contained within this paper will work to provide information that will support my future research and provide experience in garnering and ...view middle of the document...

The models examined are UTAUT, theory of reasoned action, technology acceptance model (TAM, TAM-2, and C-TAM-TPB), motivational model, theory of planned behavior, decomposed theory of planned behavior, model of PC utilization, innovation diffusion theory, and social cognitive theory.
The author argued while researchers over the last four decades have developed models to help explain this phenomenon none could keep up with the rate of technological advancement. An area identified by the author as having a significant body of research is return on investment (ROI) as it relates to “IT implementation accounting for user acceptance of IT” (p. 33). The unfortunate part is that this reference to ROI was limited to a single sentence that seemed to be paragraph filler, which is unfortunate.
Hypotheses 5 and 7 were rejected with the rest accepted. Participants perceived WAT could improve performance. The degree of ease of use was not a significant factor. The perception of participant use by others was a significant factor. Facilitating conditions have a direct impact on IT use. Age was the only statistically significant moderator.
NOTES: First, seven hypotheses is overkill in my professional opinion. The overall importance of the study is its potential to improve the understanding of WAT in business environments and as a result increased use of analytics and business effectiveness. It could be particularly useful in change management and strategic planning.
Bao, P. (2013). Sharing insight provenance in collaborative visual analytics (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest dissertation and thesis database. (UMI No. 3563689)
The author claimed there is a lack of understanding as to how groups and individuals interact with visualizations, which the author argued, is necessary to gain an understanding of the domain. The goal of the dissertation was to “investigate the ways in which sharing these insight discovery processes or insight provenance, may enable individuals to better leverage the analytic activities of their peers” (p. 13). The author argued this research bridges two different areas of visualization: collaborative and provenance. The author argued this integration provides the ability to build better visualization systems, which are better able to provide informed insight.
A platform call Omnipedia (Java based) was developed by the author and used by participants to interact with visualized information. In this study, Omnipedia was used to highlight the similarities and differences in the thousands of topics in multiple languages in Wikipedia. The study looks for interaction patterns associated with insight discovery and attempts to identify ways to share these insights with new users.
The first time the methodology was mentioned formally was page 143 where the author noted quantitative and qualitative methods were utilized to “compare analytic outcomes and behaviors” (p. 143). The author noted the analytic outcomes and...

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