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One Thing That Changed My Life

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The Great Greek philosopher Socrates said -“Know Thyself”. According to Socrates one could not know anything without knowing oneself. This may be an old greek aphorism ,but its relevance is eternal. In a sense, we are what we are because we don’t know who we are. However life’s book is hard to understand. Its like the eyelashes, they are so close to you that you can’t see them. But there is one way of seeing them, by looking in the mirror.
Similarly in order to know oneself we need to sit down in a quiet corner, in solitude, mentally place a mirror before our self. A little bit of introspection like this, done time and again, can lead us a long way on the road to self discovery. Although I ...view middle of the document...

As it was my first internship I chose to do it in an NGO named Shakti Stambh which was a short stay home for girls where girls who has faced any atrocities in life or sexual assault stay there.
I started off my days thinking that I would just do a formality going there thinking its just an ngo there wont be much work to do I will get time to stay at home, having a completely casual attitude I started off with my days at NGO
In the beginning I honestly used to go sit there look at my watch every now and then waiting for the time to pass so that I could go back home but as the days passed, I started to understand how the ngo functions I even took part in the workings of an NGO I even started interacting with the girls staying there.
But as I started interacting with the girls out there I realized that - “God just made me lucky by giving me birth in a good family”. Girls condition there were worse then I could ever imagine. As I use to listen each girls story I used to have tears in my eyes.
I interacted with a girl there named Geeta belonging to a poor class family she was a 17 yr old gurl having being sexually assaulted , been shown to the whole world through MMS. She being raped numerous times got preganant and was thrown away on road. As the saying goes “Its always the girl who is at fault” and so it came true in her case her parents refused to accept her they were blaming her for everything that happened and so she had to come...

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