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Online Communities Functional And Social Benefits

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Brand communities Functional and social benefits

Michael Ling

July 2014

1 Prepared by Michael Ling


2 Prepared by Michael Ling


• Frenzy in social media and an escalating interest in creating
brand communities around websites.

• We know little how customers behave in those communities. • Research in online brand communities has been scarce and
under-developed (Bagozzi and Dholakia, 2002).

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Brand Communities

"Brand communities are social entities that reflect the situated embeddedness of brands in the day-to-day lives of ...view middle of the document...

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C2C Know-how Exchange Model (Gruen et al., 2005)

Ability H1c H2a,b C-to-C Know-how Exchange Loyalty Intentions

Gruen et al.’s model is based on the MOA model developed by MacInnis and Jaworski (1989). Explore factors that affect “the degree to which customers enter into and engage in know-how exchanges with other customers.” The MOA variables will operate in an additive or a compensatory manner only if each variable has achieved its minimum threshold and certain conditions are met.


H1a H2a,b






Overall Value of the Firm’s Offering


Motivation is the primary factor; Opportunity and Ability will influence the effect of motivation.

8 Prepared by Michael Ling

Motivation, Opportunity & Ability Constructs - Gruen et al. (2005)
• Motivation
Readiness, willingness, interest, and desire to engage in information processing (Gruen et al., 2005). Direct individuals to engage in goal-oriented behaviors and make decisions (Hoyer and MacInnis, 1997; MacInnis
and Jaworski, 1989).

• Opportunity

Either a positive view of availability, or a negative view of impediments (MacInnis et al. 1991). May be more a function of the restrictions an individual faces (e.g. time, connection availability) participating in the community (Gruen et al. 2005)

• Ability

The resources of a customer that influence the outcome of an event (Hoyer and MacInnis, 1997). The skills or proficiencies in interpreting brand information in an advertisement (MacInnis et al. 1991). Competency in the process driving know-how exchanges, as opposed to competency in the content of the know-how that is being exchanged (MacInnis et al.


Prepared by Michael Ling

Issues in the MOA C2C model
• (Ability) Customer’s competence in the subject of exchange has no effect on the level of
interactions .

Level of expertise has been cited as a reason not to participate in online communities
(McLure Wasko & Faraj, 2000).

High ability implies that prior knowledge necessary to interpret brand information is present and is accessed (MacInnis et al., 1991)

• Has not addressed the social benefits of ‘customer-to-customer’ interactions, which is an important value perceived by the customer (Burnett, 2000; Muniz and O’Guinn, 2001).

• Has not...

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