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Online Game For Kids Essay

457 words - 2 pages

In this interconnected world, there have been alarming cases about security issues via the use of online social networks among the youngsters today, in Malaysia and globally. As a Muslim, we need to remind each other especially the young ones not to engage in online activities that can jeopardize our safety and security.
In this Group Project, you are required to come up with a community service program while playing our roles to educate and inculcate awareness among the schoolchildren aged 10-12 years old in dealing with the risks of the cyber world particularly social media.
You are assigned to a group of 4-5. The running ...view middle of the document...

e. popular attacks on children & teenagers)
* how children should engage in online activities safely and securely
* how Islamic principles can help

3. Demonstrate your plan on how to effectively educate and inculcate awareness among the children to practice online activities in safe and secure manners. Use your creativity to engage their participation and attention.

4. Conclusion
* Summary
* Your own opinion

5. References
* The books or online sites that you referred to for the content

Presentation format
i. minimum no. of slides: 10
ii. choose a suitable font style, size and colour
iii. choose a suitable background color and design
iv. you may add images and graphics
v. duration of presentation: 15mins presentation, 5 mins for Q&A
Note: You need to do a presentation, not “read” through the slides

Due date
Presentation date: 25th to 28th April 2016 (Week 12)
* I will choose the groups at a random order to present in the class
* Please choose a group leader to monitor group process and progress
* Assign each member with their tasks accordingly.
* If you are using an instrument (games, quiz, video, slides, etc), you need to submit the instrument to me via email after your presentation.

Below are some examples of initiatives to promote safe and secure use of the Internet and ICT among children:

Malaysian Content

Global Content

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