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Online Upload Essay

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Health Care Insurance
The hospital honors major third-party coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation and other public assistance. Your third-party coverage may require prior approval of your hospitalization. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in reduced benefits requiring additional uninsured or personal charges. The admitting office can assist you in obtaining prior approval for your hospitalization.
We accept commercial insurance and we participate in most managed care plans. Please provide Registration with all information necessary to bill your insurer, including your subscriber name, number and effective date.
Under Medicare law, health care services that ...view middle of the document...

Beyond the hands of physicians, patients receive healing in the form of art, which is made possible by the hospital’s Holistic Healing Committee. The C.A.R.E. Channel and an artistry gift program, “Healing Through Art,” are two patient-focused initiatives at The Jewish Hospital.
To offer relief from commercial television, noise and other stressful distractions, the C.A.R.E. channel combines nature images and appropriate, uninterrupted music as an environmental tool to enhance and promote healing. The images are produced slowly to be effective for confined patients and to avoid being distracting or confusing for those on high levels of medication. Paced for time of day and night, the programming provides a peaceful starfield for overnight broadcast. The music selection is non-generational, non-regionally-biased and non-commercial and the programming is no additional charge to patients.
Another collaboration of healing and art brings Jewish Hospital and the community together to promote wellness. In a program designed to help patients heal, the hospital has contacted local...

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