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Operating System Essay

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Samuel obasanya
1. Key words
* Blocked state- a process that cannot execute until some events occur, such as the completion of an I/O operation.
* Exit state- a process that has been released from the pool of executable process by the OS, either because it halted or because aborted from some reason.
* New state- a process that has just been created but has not yet been admitted to the pool of executable process by the OS.
* Ready state- a process that is prepared to execute when given the opportunity
* Running state- the process that is currently being executed
* Mode switch- a hardware operation that occur that causes the processor ...view middle of the document...

3.6 Why dose Figure 3.9b have two blocked states?
It has two blocked states because it’s with two suspended states.
3.7 List four characteristics of a suspended process.
* The process is not immediately available for execution
* The process may or may not be waiting on an event. If it is , this block condition is independent of the suspend condition, and occurrence of the blocking event does not enable the process to be executed immediately
* The process was placed in a suspended state by an agent; either itself, a parent process or the OS for the purpose of preventing its execution.
* The process may not be removed from this state until the agent explicitly orders the removal.

3.8 For what types of entities does the OS maintain tables of information for management purposes?
* Memory- keep track of both main(real) second(virtual) memory
* I/O- manage the I/O devices and channels of the computer system.
* File- provide information about the existence of files, their location on secondary memory,...

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