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Operation Of Business Plan Essay

491 words - 2 pages

Royal Business College

Determine Market Segmentation,
Targeting and Positioning Decisions

Unit 2934

Version 4 | Level 6 | Credits 10
Year 2015
National Diploma in Business Level
Name: Lucy
ID: A1234

Table of Contents | Page |
1. Introduction | 3 |
1.1 Introduction to market segmentation | 3 |
1.2 Background of the Case Study | 3 |
1.3 The company Marketing Objectives | 4 |
1.4 The benefits that company receive by segmenting the market | 4 |
1.5 Brand Name of the soft drink | 4 |
2. Part one: Potential Market Segmentation Assessment | 4 |
2.1 Resource implications | 4 |
2.2 Understanding and meeting customer needs | 5 |
2.3 Identification of the competitor activities | 5 |
2.4 Evaluation of market performance | 6 |
...view middle of the document...

3.1 Product usage and potential | 10 |
3.3.2 Segment size and growth potential | 10 |
3.3.3 Segment attractiveness | 10 |
3.3.4 Organizational objectives and resources | 10 |
3.3.5 Competition | 11 |
4. Part three: Determine Target Market and Positioning Strategies | 11 |
4.1 Select at least two market segments to target | 11 |
5.3 Identify the marketing strategies you believe are appropriate for each market you identified. | 12 |
4.3 Justify your selection of each strategy. | 13 |
4.4 Based on the marketing objectives of the organization, establish the positioning variables for each target market segment. | 14 |
5. Part four: Determine assess Implications for the Marketing Mix | 15 |
5.1 Assess the implications of the marketing positioning strategies | 15 |
6.4 Recommend at least two mechanisms that can be used to monitor the market positioning strategies. | 17 |
Conclusion | 17 |
References | 19 |

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