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Operations Management Essay

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Operations management, the essential department of a company with the functions of designing, monitoring, and guiding the process of production Operations managers have the responsibility of ensuring that the business operations are efficient in the terms of utilizing as few resources as needed and effectively meeting customer requirements. Internally, operations management are tasked with the redesigning a business operations, as well as, handling/monitoring complaints from consumers and different problems with employees that need management to intervene.
The decisions and actions taken within its operations have a direct impact on the basis on which an ...view middle of the document...

Staughton, Roy. 2009). Externally, how we manage productive resources is critical to making profits, growing and competing. Today, the purpose of operations management externally is to make the best use of productive resources, this entails the design and control of systems for the productive use of raw materials , human resources, equipment, and facilities to develop and deliver the company’s products (Managers Guide to Operations Management; Kamauff, John. 2009).
Generally at my company, operations managers directly work with senior software designers in the efforts of monitoring the production of the software components and the overall maintenance throughout the process. The operations managers responsibilities are not only limited to the support throughout the process of completion of a software, they also wear the hat of accountants in some aspect. With this our operations managers handle invoices for purchasing products for different functions within the company.
Overall, operations managers exemplifies a wide scope of tasks but they essentially express two key components; administration and maintenance. Administrating the overall all company’s policies and procedures in regards to implementing necessary tactics to ensure the company is successful; and maintenance which helps in the effort of correcting issues in order to maintain the growth of a company.

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