Opiod Receptors And Nueropathic Pain Essay

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Definition of neuropathic pain
Neuropathic pain refers severe chronic pain, that originates from pathology of the nervous system, following imminent or actual damage to nerve tissue

This process assists wound repair because any contact with the damaged part is avoided until healing has occurred

Mechanism of neuropathic pain

Advances in discovery of the mechanism of neuropathic pain has become clear by use of animal models, by placement of loose chromic ligatures on the sciatic nerve in rat brought, that ...view middle of the document...

Peripheral neuropathic pain
Experienced as a symptom of disorders associated with peripheral nerve damage such as mechanical injury, diabetic neuropathy,

(Usual Treatment)

1) tricyclic anti-depressants
2) Selective Serotnin re-uptake inhibitors


Ion channel blockers (anti-dysrythmics)

(Structure/function of opiod receptors)

Discovered in 1973, confined to nervous tissue (Pert and Synder 1973)
Areas of neuronal membrane which opiods bind to resulting in inhibition of the cell. Opiods refers to a substance that produces morphine like effects
Four distinct types

(Why targeting particular gpcr would be affective)

Opiods excite neurons in the periagueductal gray-gate control theory
Opioid peptides mediate descending inhibitory system
(Data from literature that either supports your case for the new approach or argues against it)

Efficacy of opiods can be regulated by compounds such as neuropeptide cholecystokinin (CCK).

(Examples of drugs)

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