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Ordinal Essay

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1. Attitudes
* Attitudes, or a person's internal/mental beliefs about a specific situation, object or concept can greatly influence behaviors. From simple, nonharmful situations such as the choice to not wear orange because you do not like the color to much more destructive attitudes such as racial prejudice, attitudes can lead our thoughts and actions. Social influences can affect human behavior by changing our attitudes. This can be a positive change, such as opening up a closed-minded individual's beliefs to include new choices. On the other hand, social influences on attitudes can be negative and include destructive or coercive concepts leading to poor choices or even criminal behaviors.
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Peer pressure comes into play when other teens attempt to influence someone else in social situations. This can be positive, providing good examples of behavior that pushes the teen into new experiences such as academic clubs or sports. In contrast, many teens succumb to negative peer pressures involving drug use, risky sexual behaviors or even criminal actions.
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Products and Buying
* Social pressures and influences can, to some degree, impact human buying behaviors. Advertisers and marketing professionals often play into this concept by creating commercials and print ads that aim to change purchasing based on what other people do or buy. For example, if you are a new parent and see a happy family on television using a specific product in an ad, you may be more likely to buy that product than a similar product that does not advertise in that way.
Close Social Influences
* From the beginning of our lives, the first social influences that we encounter belong to the family unit. Whether it is your mother, father, a brother or sister, families often provide the closest social influences of any other group. As we grow into independent thinkers and move toward adulthood, these influences may loosen or change, but it is our families that shape our behaviors and actions from the start. Values, attitudes and morals are all functions of the family social structure and may greatly impact what we do and how we do it. For example, families may dictate our religious beliefs from the time of early childhood, shaping behaviors accordingly.

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