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Organic Food Research Essay

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Research methodology project
Consumer preference towards Organic food

Pcte ,baddowal

Submitted to –
Prof. Harleen Mahajan

Submitted by –
Parul Sharda
Ankur Dubey
Aditya Sharma

Chapter – 1 Introduction
Organic foods are that foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemicals fertilizers do not contain genetically modified organisms and are not processed using irradiation industrial solvents or chemical food additives.

For the vast majority of human history agriculture can be described as organic only during the 20th ...view middle of the document...

Research plan

To meet the objectives of the study undertaken ;
Descriptive research type was adopted.

Research design

It is the arrangement of plan, which guides the collection of data and analysis of data. The purpose of research design is to ensure that the data collected is accurate and relevant.

Selection of population

Due to constraints, the study has been conducted in the city of Ludhiana.
The population for research was the general people.

Selection of sample
Sampling unit: it consisted of students, women and men of all ages
Sampling size: the sample for this research was 50 respondents
Sampling procedure: judgment mad convenient sampling techniques were adopted

Sampling techniques
For the propose of research, questionnaires were used to interview the respondents via email and face to face.
The questionnaire, which was administered to the respondents for the purpose of collecting primary data, was a structured one.
The questionnaire included dichotomous, rating, ranking, type of questions which were aimed at knowing the instant and unbiased response of the respondents.

Data collection method

Primary data: we used the unbiased structured questionnaire and personal interviews as the method for receiving primary data
Secondary data: we acquired the information from various websites, magazines.

Chapter – 4 data analysis and findings

Quest . 1 organic food preferred by respondents :
Tab. 4.1
Particular | no.of respondents | percentage |
processed food | 10 | 20 |
meat, poultry | 5 | 10 |
Eggs | 20 | 40 |
Vegetables | 10 | 20 |
Others | 5 | 10 |
Total | 50 | 100 |

Fig . 4.1

Findings :20 out of 50 respondents prefer eggs that comprise of 40% of the respondents 20% prefer vegetables and processed food

Quest 2 main source of weekly food shopping
Tab. 4.2
Particular | no.of respondents | Percentage |
supermarket | 10 | 20 |
convenience store | 25 | 50 |
market stalls | 10 | 20 |
internet | 5 | 10 |
Others | 0 | 0 |
total | 50 | 100 |
Fig 4.2 | | |
| | |

Findings :
The pie chart and table shows that therespondents follow the convenience stores mainly for weekly food shopping

Quest. 3 buying organic food :
Tab. 4.3
Particular | No .of respondents | percentage |
once a day | 10 | 20 |
once a week | 15 | 30 |
once per month | 5 | 10 |
once in 2-3 months | 5 | 10 |
once a year | 10 | 20 |
Never | 5 | 10 |
Total | 50 | 100 |

Fig . 4. 3

graph and table shows that 10 respondents i.e.20% to buy organic food once a day .
15 to once a week , 5 to once per month and 5 to buy once every 2-3 months .

Quest . 5 buying less expensive organic food :
Tab 4.5
particular | particular | particular |

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