Organisational Behaviour And Hrm Essay

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ECM62EKM: Organisational Behaviour and HRM
|Module size |15 Credits, Level M |
|Total student study hours |150 |
|Pre-requisites and co-requisites |None |
|Excluded Combinations |None |

Aims and Summary

This module provides a thorough grounding in the theories of organisations, the processes of ...view middle of the document...

The nature of management, managerial behaviour and effectiveness, leadership styles and theories. The individual in the organisation, work motivation and rewards.

Organisation Structure and Design
Design of structure, objectives, elemental functions, span of control, chain of command. Case studies of interrelationship between patterns of work and organisation structure.

Human Resource Management
Models of HRM, key differences between HRM and personnel management. Strategic alignment of HRM, integrating HR policy and practice with organisational strategy and culture, vertical and horizontal integration of the HR function. The changing nature of work and the employment relationship. 

Personnel Management Functions
Employee resourcing, HR planning and demographics, recruitment and selection. Performance management, appraisal systems, practical application of performance management. Motivation and rewards, pay and benefits; payment systems, reward and strategic integration. Training and human resource development.

Employee Relations
Managing the employment relationship; industrial relations and employee relations.  The role of trade unions in modern organisations.

Teaching and Learning

The module will employ a variety of methods (formal lectures, group presentations, seminars, problem-solving exercises) as appropriate. Directed reading on organisation and management theory will be core to the module. Much work will be case-study-based, and will encourage individuals to contribute effectively to group collaborative learning. There will be a strong emphasis on the use of critical analysis and critical thinking methodology as a means of discussing and debating the module content.

Method of Assessment...

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