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Mr Hung can easily realise that the absenteeism of Hoa and other members is only a symptom. It points to the problem, but it is not the thing itself ( Hoang, 2012).

In this situation, Mr Hung can have two ways to solve. Firstly, Hoa was absent twice in five days so it is likely that Hoa might leave the company without any reasons. Secondly, Mr Hung finds out the causes to understand the absenteeism of Hoa. From that, he can give some methods to solve this problem.

In the former way, Mr Hung will face some difficulties if Hoa leaves the company. He needs to choose the new one again and then it takes much time for him/her to be used to with working in the team. Moreover, Mr Hung has to spend time to train and introduce for the new one. Besides that, ...view middle of the document...

Now, let’s analyse some internal reasons. According to the concept, two weeks ago, Minh and Hoa were having an argument over the best sales method for older people. The change of new policies as well as the stress from higher sales targets lead to this conflict. In addition, Hoa’s behaviour at work makes him more difficult to work with others. His personality, conflict and learning can be why it is not easy for him to work with other members. Therefore, the teamwork can not gain more customers to achieve new targets.

In addtion, Mr Hung can think about some other external causes such as Hoa has problems with his family or his health. He may be sick or have any serious disease which affects his behaviour at work.

After selecting some possible causes of this situation, we shall give some methods to improve Hoa’s absenteeism.

First of all, it is necessary for Mr Hung to identify what led to this conflict to know whether it affects to Hoa’s absenteeism or not. He can have meeting with each person. He should have an appointment with Minh to estimate the fault is Minh’s or Hoa’s. After that, Mr Hung needs to talk with Hoa about this situation. If the main reason is from the conflict, Mr Hung can arrange a meeting for Minh and Hoa to face all the misunderstanding. However, if Hoa has anyother reason, Mr Hung can listen to him and give him a hand to solve his problems.

Besides that, after understanding the reasons of Hoa, it is obvious for Mr Hung to have discipline with Hoa as well as other team members. He can have a meeting to talk to everyone about Hoa’s absenteeism and then have official verbal or written warning for all of them. Furthermore, Mr Hung needs to have some disciplinary actions for Hoa such as no salary for his absent days and add more task for him to complete the target.

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