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Organization Design Essay

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Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago
Solan Sherwood
Organization Design
September 25, 2015

The success of any organization would be enumerated by outcomes echoed through its successes. The Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) is a business entity that is reliant upon direct and interpersonal interaction with customers for the fulfilment of its core business purpose. Its mission is “To facilitate the effective delivery of efficient, affordable and quality public utilities services through a committed, resourceful team of professionals in close collaboration with all stakeholders.” With a Corporate Vision “To become an ...view middle of the document...

NEL owns 51% of TSTT’s issued share capital, while C&W holds 49%.
Under the extensive umbrella of services provided by the telecommunication organization TSTT, is the BLINK Broadband department. Launched in October 2007, BLINK Broadband is based on a superior Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL2+) Technology. The department offers customers a fast and affordable high-capacity transmission, using a wide range of frequencies that allows simultaneous voice and broadband access over the same phone line at home or at the office. BLINK/bmobile introduced the new pioneering service to close the gaps that existed in nationwide broadband.
Based on the geography of Trinidad and Tobago, the company was faced with the difficulty to serve some areas via traditional copper lines and fiber optic cables. With the 4G LTE (Long Term Evaluation) service, BLINK now serves areas that they were unable to before with a rapid and cost- effective solution offering up to 5Mbps speeds. The 4G LTE wireless broadband service was first piloted in four (4) rural areas and was deemed a success according to feedback from its pilot customers. Consequently, the service has been rolled out nationwide with over 300 cell sites throughout Trinidad and Tobago.
As the principle objective would be to evaluate the importance of the external environmental parts in determining this organization’s performance, a common approach to the study of this organization should involve examining how this firm performed in the past and what is necessary to ensure future growth and development. It is important to consider and evaluate this organization’s external environment as a whole to appreciate how the entity survives through impacts of macro-economic constraints, such as, customers, competition, the economy, legal technology, political, social conditions and resources within this organization’s environment. To achieve this, our group will use qualitative research methods such as interviews and questionnaires. The use of yearly reports and articles will also be incorporated to gain a comprehensive knowledge to appreciate the activities of the organization.
It is important to note that advancement in technology would have benefited this organization significantly and allowed BLINK Broadband to properly advertise and develop their brand in order to become more efficient....

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