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Organization Structure Of Memphis City Schools

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Every type of company or organization that exists operates with a certain organizational structure. However, the organizational structure is tailored to best meet the needs and services of the company. Organizational structures are used as a means of communicating how business will take place within an organization. The structure of an organization is important to the main areas that make an organization function effectively. Organization functions and designs determine the organizational structure. Memphis City Schools has a horizontal organizational structure. Although a horizontal structure exists as the overall structure at the executive level, a vertical structure is also in place at ...view middle of the document...

Some organizational functions such as marketing, finance, human resources, and operations influence the structure of Memphis City Schools. All of these functions actually influence the structure due to the nature of the function. These are some main functions for Memphis City Schools and each of these functions is equally important in order for the entire organization to operate in compliance with state laws and maintain accountability to the students of Memphis City Schools. Although finance does not directly interact with marketing, finance is charged with the responsibility of tracking how much money is spent annually from the marketing department. Finance is also part of the decision making process when it is time to set new budgets. Operations do not communicate daily with human resources, but depends on human resources to screen applicants to make sure selected individuals are highly qualified and interview worthy. Marketing has a large impact on the face and reputation of Memphis City Schools. The organization relies on marketing to communicate and distribute information throughout the entire school district, as well as to the public. Operations department is responsible for the protocol of how departments should function. Human resource handles the proper processing of an employee’s entrance and exit, health care information, 401K, and any other labor relation issues. The finance department is most crucial, because the Chief financial Officer has to keep the entire school district out of debt, or as close to it as possible. Each of these functions has an executive director or chief that reports critical information to the Superintendent and helps keep the Superintendent accountable to the school Board of Commissioners.
Organizational designs also affect the structure of Memphis City Schools. Although the overall organizational structure of Memphis City Schools is horizontal, the third level of management has a vertical structure. This is in place to ensure each department has everything needed to perform daily. With an organization the size of Memphis City Schools, the executive cabinet members cannot communicate with every staff member of their respective departments. Each department consists of staff that is responsible for a particular function of the department. Product and service fall under the direction of Chief of School Operations. Within the category alone come academic operation, technology, and innovations. This includes any issues that could affect daily operations, such...

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