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Organization Structure Of Walmart Essay

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The Organization Structure of Walmart
An essential part of Walmart’s culture is to constantly look for ways to be more successful. On January 28th, 2010,Walmart released a report of its organizational realigning. This realigning was an attempt by Walmart to create a more efficient organization and to be better equipped to react to it customers demands. Walmart made the decision to re-organize its three United States operations into three geographic units within the United States and then appoint a president to each unit. These units were changed to Walmart South, Walmart North, and Walmart West. Walmart also stated that in the United States it would be bringing all of their operations ...view middle of the document...

For instance, they have separate divisions for each type of product, like television and stereo equipment, washer and dryers, and the lighting division. Walmart’s Market Structure puts employees into groups based upon the individual markets in which it has competition, such as large business, small business, educational institutions, and individuals. So basically, the customer service and sales departments are formed using this market structure. Consumer customer service and consumer sales work together while corporate customer service and corporate sales work together. Next, there is Walmart’s Geographic structure, this structure groups employees together based upon certain geographic locations (Rappa, 2014).
Walmart’s organization structure is effective and strong; this assists in keeping the organization moving at a constant speed and in the right direction. Walmart has a highly advanced logistical system that has a proven track regard at obtaining outstanding performance. This offers a competitive advantage because the company can increase their cost advantage by obtaining sources from the most affordable locations. Walmart also has systems in place that are designed to recognize their high performing employees and will promote...

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