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Organizational Paper

716 words - 3 pages

Organizational Planning paper
Salima Freeman
MGT/521 Management
June 23, 2013
Marvin Jones

Kellogg’s has been in business for a decade and has strived to keep customers and consumers satisfied with their product. Since time has changed dramatically, competition is on the rise and Kellogg needed to implement some strategic and operational planning to meet the demands of customers to keep up with the other competitors and stay in business. Kellogg’s has some strict goals, yet they are very simple goals and are truly abiding by them. Just like any other company, Kellogg also ...view middle of the document...

Providing effective communication will also ensure that the company will have a longer productive future. Second, utilizing the SWOT analysis will help the company identify any issues that need to be addressed. By developing a strategy will strengthen the company business and long-term sustainability. Implementing the corporate responsibility strategy can also help improve the efficiency of operations and avoid the risk of destroying the company reputation. Once the process has been implemented for defining goals, targets and performance indicators to the key issues, Kellogg will be able to reach out to stakeholders to understand their perspective and get them involved more accurately.
Stakeholders are major aspect to Kellogg’s company. Without the stakeholders in place their business would not exist. The company has to rely on their stakeholders for the output and feedback on just how well the company is doing. There are many stakeholders apart of the Kellogg Company, and each stakeholder has their own agenda or ideas for the company success. Both internal and external stakeholders are important to the company. Stakeholders are the ones responsible for help keeping the business running smoothly and the production of quality products. Kellogg’s has to be able to listen and communicate with...

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